Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wednesday Week 1

3 slices of grilled bacon
pot natural yoghurt

garlic prawns
roast beef slices
carrot battons
pot natural yoghurt

brown rice (only about 2 tbsp as it wasn't cooked yet!)

more roast beef slices
more carrot battons
another natural yoghurt

2 x Teas 1 lemon& ginger 1 x lychee
1 x decaff black coffee
1 litre water

1 x body combat class

Ok today, missing tea like MAD, i just love a relaxing cuppa to break up the day in work and before bed, this fruit nonsense just isn't cutting it but I suppose I need to persevere!
I went on the scales, nothing lost so far. urgh.

Hasta Manana



  1. So what exactly is the Harcombe Diet? I mean, I could probably google it, but I find it more fun to have you explain it ;P

    Also, don't let slow weight loss bring you down. It took me 6 weeks to lose 5 lbs. Which was SO FRUSTRATING! But stay strong and it will happen!

  2. its about getting into REAL FOOD only, you start with a tough 5 day kick off to rid your body of anything that might be causing cravings as well as conditions such as candida and hypoglycemia, then you move onto sticking with only real foods, and not mixing proteins and carbs in the same meal. no calorie counting, just real foods, no processed products and low to no sugar. theory is that the calorie theory with WW etc is dated and not 100% applicable to human metabolism. Also recognises that eat less move more doesnt work for all. thanks for following x


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