Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tuesday schmuesday


another exciting episode!!

2 large slices of ham
1 pot natural yoghurt

chicken and brown rice salad, (leftover chicken from money, 50g dry weight brown rice, salad leave, olive oil & garlic)
1 pot natural yoghur

veg omelette (courgettes and tomatoes) and mixed salad leaves. omelette cooked in butter

Cherry tomatos
pork chop (dont ask haha, i had an early finish and work and a long time till sit down dinner so i just chucked it on!)

black decaff coffee
lemon & ginger tea
1.5 litres water

Body Pump class

Same supplements as yesterday which should be as standard so i wont bother posting each day.

On Monday night after I posted i had to go to bed with a headache but today I was OK, but I think this was because I was able to get the protein snack of a chop at about 4pm as I was at home early for an appointment, normally i would be at work and have nothing to eat at this stage, so note to self to pack extra tomorrow to get me through to late dinner (9pm).

On the whole an OK day. No cravings for food, just tea, boo hoo.


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