Friday, 27 May 2011

Thursday , the longest day of the week!

Thursday is my "late night" as i tutor after my day job. So we went out for dinner, was a bit of a palava as nothing I ordered was in stock, so I ended up getting a free steak!

black decaff - missed breakfast i was running LATE and my boss called to see if i wanted coffee at a meeting I was meeting him at!

Tuna and Brown Rice salad with cucumber, dressed olive oil and pasta
pot natural yoghurt

Steak Grilled Sirloin (FREEE!)
Walnut salad *(with tiny amount of blue cheese and pears)

pork chop
bitesize square lemon cheesecake (about 5cm wide), at my tutor group- very little cheat, but still a cheat :/

1 litre water
lemon and ginger tea
black decaff

None- rest day Thurs because of the tutoring.

Had a long time between lunch at about 12.40 and the chop at 5pm, too long, hence going out for free steak!

M x

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