Sunday, 29 May 2011

Hi there weekend (Sat)

Fruit Platter with natural low fat fromage frais (BTW all the yoghut i have is reduced fat live yog)

Pork Chop (on the go)

Spanish tapas night at a party - tried my best to eat to full without "cheating" too much:
home made meatballs/chorizo/lamb casserole/olives/potato cake/pastry cake (pastry with spiced currants) about the size of palm of hand.

Lemon & ginger tea
Fizzy water about 0.5 litres
Normal water about 0.5 litres

No Snacks

1 hour body pump class
30 mins treadmill (10 jogging 20 walking hill intervals)

I did cheat a bit with the cake and the potato cakes. I had made dinner of potatoes (home made baked wedges) but it was a disaster as I actually turned the oven off by mistake and didn't cook them, so had to go to the party having to ate! So I mixes carbs and fats a tiny bit by having the potato cake at the buffet,and my husband had made the cakes for the first time so really wanted to test them before we took them to the party!

My weight has come down a tiny bit. I am now 11st 2. that's 2 off, so not the fast loss I've had before in phase 1 but still its coming off. Today I started phase 2 of the diet so i have reintroduced fruit (you can reintroduce many foods but recommended one a week so that you can highlight anything that may be causing you problems easier). I am having normal tea with milk again, but that's the only dairy I will be having for a while.

Tonight,(Sunday), unless the menu at our hotel is freakishly kind to me, I am going off the chart. We haven't been out for a posh meal in so so long and this has been booked in advance. If nothing else it will be good quality food.

Slogging on!

M x

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